The Innovative filter for water

The process of water purification is done by reverse osmosis. It is the physical process through which the water is passed through a semipermeable membrane in order to filter contaminants such as: solid particles, heavy metals, excess salts, toxic substances, microorganisms, viruses, protozoa, insecticides, etc.

It eliminates the levels of metals and salts, such as lead and sodium, as well as nitrates and arsenic harmful to health. It stops dissolved particles in the water and controls the chemical that causes odors and flavors, such as chlorine. It filters bacteria and viruses present in the water, which are separated and are retained.

The final result of the filtering process is the obtaining of a purified, pure, crystalline water of the highest quality, low in salts, of equal or better quality than the best of bottled waters. In addition, our O. Zero product can be remineralized from natural algae, obtaining a premium product.

Pure water at room temperature has a pH of 7. Tap water for the large amount of chlorine it has is usually acidic. And if they are waters that contain lime then their pH becomes alkaline but with health risks because calcium accumulates in the kidneys. The ideal is that the water we drink has pH with a value between 7 and 8. Ideal for the body. Our O.Zero is calibrated so that the daily water consumption has an ideal pH.