What is PhiVitae®?

They are ceramic vessels designed to drink according to the Golden ratio –Divine Proportion-.

What is the Golden ratio –Divine Proportion-?

It is the algorithm that governs the development of life.
Present in our body, nature and cosmos.
His name is Phi and it is = 1.618033 …

What are the benefits of drinking according to the Golden ratio –Divine Proportion-?

It will provide welfare manifested in:
Harmony, balance and vitality.
So that our organism is synchronized according to the laws of nature.

What is the basis of the benefits?

Nature uses Phi = 1.618 as factor to develop harmoniously and programmed for life.
Drinking according to the Golden ratio will synchronize our whole organism with the frequency of nature.

How do PhiVitae® vessels work?

Each vessel has a specific mark quantified in units of the golden number (1 PhiG = 1.618 mL.).
So for example -phi bottle- : drinking 2.2 PhiG will be equivalent to drinking 220 drops of the gold number (each of them will be 1.618 mL). Phi cup will be equivalent to drinking 120 drops of the gold number and phi glass will be equivalent to drinking 100 drops of the gold number.

What can I drink in PhiVitae® vessels?

Water or any drinkable Bio / organic preparation: vegetable milks, juices, smoothies, soups, infusions, etc.
In the section of healthy recipes we offer a service of exclusive recipes of organic preparations for the benefit of health and well-being required according to the body organ you wish to harmonize.

How much can I drink per day?

The quantities Phi units to consume are to taste of each person.

Do I have to drink all the content?

Yes, although it can be dosed in partial shots during the course of the day.

Is the design of each PhiVitae® package important?

Yes, the entire PhiVitae® system responds to the platonic solid: Dodecahedron.
Sacred and perfect volume that ensures the accuracy of the measurement system.

Why are PhiVitae® vessels made of ceramic?

It is a material from the same mother earth. The ceramic is stainless, has great power of thermal and electrical insulation. It has great resistance to the effects of erosion that is caused by atmospheric agents and has high resistance to almost all chemical agents. There is no possibility of ion exchange modify the purity of the drinkable to consume in its most perfect degree.